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William III 5 Guineas British Coin

Following the death of Queen Mary from smallpox in 1694, William continued to reign as William III, with his regnal years continuing to date from 1688. Five guinea coins were only produced in the last three years of his sole reign, the design probably being the work...

Coin Collecting – The Rare Coins

Rare coins have a huge history of desirability. As from the beginning of time people have enjoyed coin collecting. Collectors of all sorts have shown an interest in wanting to own coins for their beauty, art, investment or just to build collections for fun. In the...

Viceroy Coins place Una and the Lion on the market

Una and the Lion, the highest graded 1839, 5 Pounds has finally become available to canny investors. This rare and sought after coin with an NGC Proof 64 Cameo is so rare that is been locked away for some time. Now the specialist rare coin company, Viceroy Coins is...